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Incentives and Investment Projects

Incentives Azores

Mainland Incentives


The Portugal 2030 (PO Norte 2030, PO Centro 2030, PO Lisboa 2030, PO Alentejo 2030, PO Algarve 2030) materialises the Acordo de Parceria (Partnership Agreement) established between Portugal and the European Commission, which sets out the major strategic objectives for the implementation, between 2021 and 2027, of the global amount of 23 billion €, it is implemented through 4 thematic programmes, namely:

  • Pessoas 2030, dedicated to Demography, qualifications and inclusion;
  • COMPETE 2030, dedicated to Innovation and digital transition;
  • Sustentável 2030, dedicated to Climate action and sustainability;
  • Mar 2030, dedicated to Maritime affairs, fisheries and aquaculture.

COMPETE 2030 has the following objectives:

  • + competitive: supporting digitalisation, research and innovation, generating more growth and competitiveness for SMEs;
  • + green: to support companies in decarbonisation projects and support for renewable energy production;
  • + social: supporting the adaptation of workers and companies to change, increasing their skills.

The Specific Regulation of the Innovation and Digital Transition Programme can be consulted HERE, which includes the following incentive systems:

  • Business Competitiveness Incentive Scheme
    • Productive Innovation
    • SME Qualification and Internationalisation
  • Research and Development Incentive Scheme;
  • Territorial Incentive Scheme;
  • Climate and Energy Transition Incentive Scheme;
  • Qualification of Human Resources Incentive Scheme.

The open calls can be consulted HERE and the Annual Call Plan for 2024 can be consulted HERE. Submissions are operationalised through the Balcão dos Fundos.

For further information on each of the Incentive Schemes, do not hesitate to consult our professionals, who are at your entire disposal to advise you on your investment strategy.

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Incentives and Investment Projects

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