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About us

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The Cingel Group operates in the areas of accounting, tax, consultancy, information, management, training and human resources. We are a strong organisation with over 35 years of experience in the sector.

We currently have ten offices in Leiria, Lisbon and the Azores and several companies, two of which are certified. With a policy based on proximity, seriousness, accuracy and rigour, the Cingel Group provides its clients with the necessary tools for successful, effective and rigorous management. We work closely with our clients because we see them as partners for the future.

We develop a distinctive service based on transparency and proximity. Our offices are linked by a technological information and videoconferencing network that allows clients to have immediate contact with our technicians or managers in any of our offices.

For an organisation to succeed, we believe that the most important thing, apart from rigour and credibility, is good management based on the ability to anticipate, which is only possible with accurate and timely information. For us, accounting is just the start of our relationship with clients. We are counting on you for new challenges.

Our mission

Our mission To provide a service of excellence through accuracy and organisation with a qualified team that is up-to-date and trained in the business areas in which it operates.


Being a business partner and strategically support our clients’ growth, providing market leadership.


Quality, Differentiation, Organisation, Solutions, Trust, Credibility and Seriousness

Our policy

  • Working in partnership with clients
  • Capable, qualified and motivated employees
  • Willingness to serve, to make a difference and to make it possible to ensure the credibility of companies’ accounts, contributing to the rigour of their management
  • Control to fulfil processes and to develop companies
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of the client and other interested parties
  • Complying with the legal, regulatory and normative requirements applicable to the services Cingel provides to clients and with the client’s specific requirements
António Maria Pereira

António Maria Pereira

Cingel Group Founder

Paulo Pereira

Paulo Pereira


Cristina Pereira

Cristina Pereira


Cingel Group Path

Do you already know our network of offices?

Cingel has 10 offices throughout mainland Portugal and the islands. This expansion strategy allows us to guarantee permanent, close contact with our current and future clients.