Cingel Group has its roots in Cingel Contabilidade, Informação e Gestão, Lda., which started its activity in January 1989, with only three persons and a share capital of 5.000€.

In 1993 it reached a turnover of approximately 130.000€, already with nine employees, and from that year on there was a strong growth of the company.
In 1995, with the same team and with approximately 50 customers, the company saw its turnover double.

With the purpose of better training Cingel employees and providing the customers with training actions which are determining for the management of their businesses, in 1998 Cingel – Formação e Colocação de Pessoal, Lda was created.

The acceptance of new customers and the widening of the range of services provided ended up by being crucial for the admission of new employees and for the increase of office capacity. Therefore, in 1999 and following the construction of new facilities, Cingel increased the number of employees to 21 and met the conditions necessary to receive its customers, official entities and financial institutions, and reached, in that year, a turnover of more than half a million Euros.

In recognition of Cingel’s service quality and subsequent increase in the demand of services of accounting and support to management, which could be concentrated in a single entity, in 2006 there was the need to geographically extend the activity of Cingel. It was in this context that Cingel Consulting, located in Alto do Restelo, and Cingel Azores, with headquarters in Praia da Vitória in Terceira Island, were created.
In view of the success of Cingel Azores and of the implementation of a policy of expansion, in 2010 Cingel opened two new offices in Azores: in Pico Island (Madalena) and Faial Island (Horta).

Already in 2011, with the determination to serve, to make a difference and work together and increasingly better with the customers, Cingel Atlântico was created and opened its first office in Santa Maria Island (Vila do Porto) in 2013.

In 2015 the office in Graciosa Island was opened, and in 2016 two new offices, one in Flores Island and the other in São Miguel, were also opened.

Cingel Contabilidade, Informação e Gestão, Lda. being certified in compliance with standard EN ISO 9001 in 2005 and Cingel – Formação e Colocação de Pessoal, Lda. being accredited by DGERT in 2013, Cingel Group currently has a turnover of more than 1 million Euros.

Cingel Group, when it felt the need to be close to its customers, and given that is has offices not only in mainland Portugal, but also in the islands, has acquired one of the most recent technological systems, through videoconference equipment. With this equipment, Cingel manages to establish contact and meet, not only with the professionals and managers of Cingel, but also and above all, with the customers, irrespective of their geographical location.

For Cingel, the customers in Azores are as close as the customer in mainland Portugal.