The System of Incentives to Business Competiveness, called Competir+, is aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the regional economy, at reinforcing competiveness, the capacity to enter new markets and the internationalisation of regional companies, as well as at widening the economic basis of export in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. It is composed of the following subsystems of incentives:


  • Promotion of Economic Basis of Export

It supports projects directed to markets outside the Region for tradable goods and services and tourism.

  • Local Development

It is aimed at encouraging the modernisation of establishments, stimulating the internal market and expanding the production capacity of the Region.

  • Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship

It supports the creation of companies by young entrepreneurs and the collective actions of entrepreneurship.

  • Internationalisation
    It has as purpose to stimulate the regional companies to enter and place themselves in the markets outside the Region.
  • Qualification and Innovation

It is aimed at promoting the quality and innovation of regional companies as a decisive factor in process of economic growth.

  • Support to Business Efficiency

To promote the improvement of the competitiveness of the regional companies through collective actions or clustering.

  • Integrated Sustainable Urbanism

Aimed at the repositioning of business activities in the urban centres and regeneration of public spaces in defined areas.


Applications are made operational through Balcão Competir+ after registration at the Desk of Portugal 2020, and will be permanently open until 2020.

All the support legislation may be consulted HERE.